Why Cuppé?

1. Borosilicate glass

Cuppé is made of premium borosilicate glass which is often used for laboratory glassware and kitchenware (widely used by the brand pyres glassware). 
Borosilicate glass is stronger and lighter than ordinary glass and it has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion which makes it less susceptible to fractures as compared to normal soda-lime glass. 

2. Dual-use lid

Our lid is a dual-use lid giving you the option to drink with or without a straw. 
You can slurp your much needed hot tea in the morning and enjoy your icy cold bubble tea at boba o'clock using just one tumbler. ⁣

3. Leak-proof 

Our lid snugly enough with our cup that if it tips over, it won't spill! 
Now you can have your bubble tea to go without worrying that it will spill all over your bag! Just make sure you have your cup standing upright in your bag. 

4. Anti-slip and anti-heat sleeve 

Silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold and keeps your fingers warmwhile protecting from the hot glass. 

5. Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is minimal. They are made for safe transportation rather than sale. We work with our manufacturer to eliminate the use of bubble wraps and we are willing to bear the higher packaging cost for our environment. 

6. Longer straw 

Our straws are customised to complement our tumbler so they are longer than your ordinary straws. They offer the best boba drinking experience and easy to clean.

7. You will be doing good, while having a good time! 

A portion of our profit will be donated to charities and organisations who share the same vision and value. By purchasing our cup, you are already making an impact!