Product Care


We recommend:

  • washing your tumbler set with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before first use.
  • cleaning your tumbler with a bottle brush or regular sponge after each use. 
  • cleaning your stainless steel straw with the straw brush provided.         
  • cleaning your straw pouch by simply putting in into the washing machine to save you time, otherwise you may hand wash too. 
Alternatively, you can put the tumbler and straw into the dishwasher. We recommend putting your tumbler and accessories on the top rack of your dishwasher. 


    • To remove the lid, we recommend lifting the lid cover piece before doing so. This allows air pressure to be released and it will be easier to remove the lid. 
    • We do not recommend overfilling the tumbler. You need to allow some space for the lid and some amount of air pressure for a smooth flow.
    • We recommend removing the lid from the tumbler before handing the tumbler to your favourite store just like how you would do with your reusable bubble tea cup. 
    • Our cup is made of borosilicate glass and it is microwave safe. Caution: The straw and lid are NOT microwavable.
    • Even though our tumbler is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass, we still recommend that you handle it with care when carrying or storing to minimise the chances of breakages.